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Although is a recent endeavor for us, the owners of Final Finish Jewelry have been in the business of manufacturing, purchasing and selling high-quality gemstones, gemstones beads and raw materials for over 34 years. Through the years we have maintained strong trading relationships with source raw material suppliers from all of world. We purchase superior grade raw materials in large quantities and are therefore able to pass savings on to our customers; but we do not purchase entire rough or finished gemstone "lots", the majority of which are likely to be of inferior grade, because we do not wish to market these grades of gemstones. We travel around the globe to procure raw materials that are simply not available to many other enterprises.

Final Finish Jewelry has been in business since 1979 as a direct importer of fine gemstone beads and sliver beads from India.  Our goal is to use our website to provide jewelry designers with the best selection of quality gemstone beads at the most reasonable price. Our each gem is crafted to the most stringent criteria of color, quality, size, and shape, producing uniformity in workmanship that is unparalleled in the industry. All of the gems we sell are cut and polished in our own factories using sophisticated proprietary technology that allows us to set and maintain the strictest standards for proportion, polish, size, and shape. With sales office in the Jaipur our customers around the globe enjoy top quality service. We cater to every sector of the jewelry trade from wholesalers and manufacturers to designers and retailers.

The gemstones that you see on the website have been meticulously manufactured from top quality graded roughs. We are proud of our stellar reputation for accurate identification and representation of our gemstones. Our business goal is very simple - we want each and every purchase to result in 100% customer satisfaction, and we are dedicated to that principal. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We strive to provide all our clients in the sales with the utmost quality in both product and customer support. With worldwide accessibility, innovative technology, large capacity programs, and a service-oriented staff, we keep best interest in mind.

We will always go the extra mile to establish and maintain a satisfied Customer base, and our business successes to this point have been attributed solely to repeat business from satisfied Customers. If you have any experience in dealing with that is not entirely satisfactory, or if you have any suggestions for improvements, we are here to help and want to hear from you!