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Assorted Agate Beads
Historically, agate is an extremely valuable gemstone because of its rarity and beauty. However, thanks to modern technology and new machining processes, costs have decreased substantially over time. Our assorted agate beads are very uniform in cut and size. Assorted agate beads are very popular in craft designs and beading.

Agate is a beautiful ornamental gemstone with a variety of colors, uses, and designs. Agate is very fine grained, allowing for polished agate to be exceptionally smooth and bright. Because of how agate is formed, it can produce a variety of colors such as moss agate, dream agate, Indian agate, and red agate. Agate beads are usually highly patterned like jasper beads, but they are a more colorful and clear semi precious bead. Agate beads often display stunning banded markings in white. Black agate and red agate beads are the most common. Beads made from yellow and green agate are less frequently available but are hugely popular due to their vibrant coloring.

We have an enormous selection of different agate bead shapes. Our most popular shapes are round beads and rondelles, but we also have a large variety of oval, coin, and teardrop agate beads. Our agate beads are also assorted by color. A big group of agate beads in popular shapes, patterns and colors! These beautiful agate beads are dyed and heated from natural agate materials. With the professional process, each of these agate beads is exhibiting special colors and patterns. Due to the qualities of natural agate itself, some agate pieces may include some natural hollows and actual products may differ slightly from the products pictured. Please note that for this product group we use 8-inch unit for the rounds due to popular requests from customers. Actual price is exactly half of the regular 16-inch price. We hope smaller units will help you to try more variety.

If you are interested in ordering in quantity or have different size or shape requirements, please call us +91-141-5170277 for a free consultation.