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Cabochon Gemstones
Cabochon gemstones can be accents of your wire art, or they can be the inspiration for an entire piece. Cabochon gemstones are mainly used for making pendants and earrings. The cabochons or cabs can be wire-wrapped or set in silver, gold or base metal. Many cabochons are calibrated in to fixed shapes such as oval and rectangle. But most interesting cabochons are cut in freeform. Final Finish Jewelry offers a wide selection of cabochon gemstones, gemstone cabs, fancy cabochons, designer cabochons and jasper cabochons. Our cabochon gemstones selection is indexed in alphabetical order by the name of stone. Most of our cabochons are hand polished and hand selected. Our favorite stones are labradorite cabochons, rainbow moonstone cabochons.

Our wholesale cabochons are unique, natural stones from around the world. Cabochons, or cabs, are rounded stones perfectly suited for wire jewelry making. Our beautiful jewelry cabs are carefully cut and polished to perfection. These wire wrapping stones are as beautiful as they are versatile! Use large cabochon gemstones in pendants, necklaces and bracelets. We have smaller cabochon gemstones that are perfect for earrings, rings, and other delicate wire jewelry.

For jewelers and other jewelry makers, Final Finish Jewelry carries a large variety of genuine cabochon gemstones. We offer wholesale cabochons to companies and businesses as well as quality loose gemstone cabochons for hobbyists and other jewelry designers. These precious and semi precious gemstones are cabochon cut and will match your high jewelry standards to create quality finished cabochon jewelry. We carry a wide variety of genuine gemstones in all colors and shapes to meet all of your jewelry making needs. We carry everything from bloodstone to opals, turquoise to ammolite triplets, and many, many more cabochon cut precious gemstones.

Our Cabochon Gemstones are manufactured for the commercial jewellery trade and every piece we sell is a finely proportioned gem that will fit perfectly into a standard jewellery setting. We do not sell inferior commercial quality gems, all our cabochon stones are graded fine or better. We also carry a range of standard calibrated gems in addition to what we have displayed in our store.