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Coral Gemstone Beads
Coral is a hard stony substance made by millions of tiny carnivorous (meat eating) animals called polyps. Coral polyps are tiny animals that build protective calcium carbonate skeletons. Polyps create the basic structure of coral reefs with the help of single-celled algae. Coral is known to be used as a gem since prehistoric times. It is calcium carbonate with a trace of carotene. Its color ranges from white to red. It grows in branches that look like underwater trees. Most coral is found in the Mediterranean Sea or in the Pacific off Japan and Taiwan. Some of these coral beads are dyed. The natural red corals are rare and precious. The less expensive bleached white corals are often dyed to red and other colors for jewelry making.

Let Final Finish Jewelry be a trusted supplier of natural coral beads. We have more than 500 kinds of different coral beads for our customers. They are in different shapes and colors. Most of these natural coral beads are shaped in round, tube, bamboo, barbell and cayenne. Find the perfect natural coral beads according with your special taste my friends.  We offer high quality natural red Mediterranean coral.  Beads are sold by the strand.  Each strand measures approximately 16" long unless otherwise indicated.   All prices are approximate, depending on the weight, quality, color and availability of each piece.

The premier coral on the market is still "oxblood" red coral which is from the species Corallium. Most of it harvested in the deep waters of the Mediterranean and polished and cut in Italy or Japan. Pink or Angel skin coral is always popular and commands a high price too. We have some pieces that are nearly impossible to find elsewhere.  Lots of our customers say they didn't even know there were so many different types and colors of corals.  Did you know it occurs naturally in lavender, black, blue, white, and of course every spectrum of red. Many people have never seen real Apple or Tiger coral.  You have not been able to import it into the India for decades, so the only sources are antique and vintage pieces. We also have a beautiful collection of vintage coral jewelry available, if you don't want to make your own.  Please contact us if you are looking for coral beads or jewelry you can't find. We have a lot more coral than we can list on this website.

Order Coral Beads online now right here on FinalFinishJewelry, or give us a call at +91-141-5170277 for more information.