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Fire Agate Beads
Fire agate beads are a unique variety of agate stone beads. These orange beads have streaks and patches of natural white color. The veins of white against the rich orange tone of fire agate beads creates a web-like appearance, which is formed as the fire agate beads are heat treated. Many of our fire agate beads are semi-translucent and opaque, while others have deeper and richer colors.

Fire Agate Beads - This stone emerged a few years ago as "fire agate". It is now increasingly being referred to as "crab fire agate". No matter what you call it, this is a truly unique and beautiful stone! Rather than having the distinctive banded appearance of many agates, crab fire agate has a “crackled” look. The matte finish of this gemstone is perfect for earthy designs as it resembles some of the most amazing textured rocks found in nature. The glossy finish of crab fire agate has a beautiful inner glow that shines, creating an illusion of fire.

The web-like pattern of white crackles is created via heat treatment, and color enhancement produces the fiery blues, oranges, reds, browns and other colors Fire Agates come in. Some of the beads are translucent and seem to glow from within. The brilliant color and texture of crab fire agate has made it one of the most popular gemstones in jewelry and beading. We have a series of beautiful natural fire agate beads to meet the increasing demand of the market. Special natural fire agate beads with crackle style are very interesting, wear them must enhance your personality. Certainly, more fire agate beads will be extended! Available in package and wholesale!

Our fire agate beads come in a number of different colors and styles, ranging from blues and yellows to the more popular and common red fire agate beads. The faceted varieties of these agate beads are beautifully cut, reflecting light to create a sparkle. These are excellent beads for beaders and jewelry designers interested in colorful bead designs.

We offer high quality Fire agate beads 8mm faceted square beads. All Beads for your own style, If you love it, then call us at +91-141-5170277 to buy it.