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Seed & Bugle Beads
Look at these wonderful and versatile seed beads! They are just there, like pixies waiting to be transformed into wonderful decoration to light up your life. Seed Beads are a staple for every beader’s collection. The most colorful and versatile of seed beads, waiting to be transformed into elegant seed beaded creations. We have over 2,500 different rocaille, cut, and bugle beads to choose from, plus and ever growing number of other fun shapes! The vast majority of our seed and bugle bead selection is manufactured by Final Finish Jewelry, the World's foremost manufacturer of glass beads.

We have a wide range of selections with superior quality to choose from. Get fresh ideas from them and they will definitely bring fun and beauty to you and your design. Our seed beads are the world standard for high quality. Perfect for precision work, and seed beads are available in sizes 8/0 and 11/0. Watch your seed bead patterns come alive with the excellent selection of colors. Plus, don't forget the fringe beads, bugle beads, and size 8 seeds. Experiment with the Miyuki triangle and square shapes for added dimension and texture to your seed bead work.

Czech glass seed beads have been the best selling and most affordable with the broadest range of color, size and finish for over 50 years. We also carry high quality seed beads. To quickly string seed beads try using a bead spinner, or try leaving the beads on the hank and stringing them directly onto your cable strand. Also, be sure to check out our great selection of seed bead mixtures.

Indian bugle beads are slender tubes of glass with smooth holes and clean-cut edges. These versatile beads are beautiful for bead weaving as well as stringing. Choose from 3mm, 6mm and 12mm lengths at in twisted and smooth shapes.

Final Finish Jewelry offers seed beads in multiple sizes and shapes in a variety of finishes.