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Striped Agate Beads
The striped agate beads are prized for their contrasting colors and the breaking of colors because of the stripes. All of our faceted agate beads are professionally cut, leaving only clean angled corners. This is important in reflecting light and creating a shimmering effect. Striped agate is a name that is given laterally to all pieces of agate with white stripes. Agate itself is a large category of gemstones with many different colors; striped agate beads and pendants are all agate bead with stripes. Some of the striped beads are dyed or heat treated and some of our white striped beads are naturally formed.

The striped of this agate are very often smooth and clean. Striped Agate's colors include browns, greys, blacks and sometimes reds and oranges. Striped Agate is sometimes heat treated or dyed to enhance the colors of the stone. Because this is a natural stone, colors and patterns will vary from bead to bead.  Striped Agate Beads Nothing in nature can compare the beauty with these striped agate beads. The patterns of these striped agate beads are very similar with Moss Agate, but these Striped Agate beads are mainly in brown color. At Final Finish Jewelry you will find a selection of striped agate beads from the Himalayan regions and beyond. These beads have not been decorated, however, various methods were used in antiquity to alter the color or darken the stone.

Our Striped Agate beads are wonderful items for your jewelry makings! Due to the qualities of natural stone itself, actual products may differ slightly from the products pictured. These treatments often made the crystalline layers or banding more prominent and thus enhanced the appearance of eyes and stripes. This in turn made the beads more desirable for adornment and for their use as amulets.